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Interior Design Favorites: Parachute Home

The No.1 luxury bedding we always recommend to clients, plus an exclusive discount just in time for the holidays!

We love beautiful bedding that is also high quality and Parachute Home delivers on both accounts!

Crisp linen Parachute bedding in this Cape Cod meet california Casual Bedroom.
Photographer: Ellen Vanessa Photography

We specify Parachute's sheet sets and duvet covers on many of our projects. It not only looks great but also washes well and wears beautifully.

Why Is Parachute Bedding Our Tried and True?

When our clients ask for bedding recommendations, we always find ourselves going back to Parachute. Here are just a few more reasons why:

Attention to Detail: We can always rely on Parachute for its meticulous attention to detail, from the stitching to the finishing touches, ensuring a relaxed yet refined look that works effortlessly with our design style.

Comfortable and Breathable: Parachute bedding is designed for comfort, offering breathability and a soft feel that enhances the overall sleeping experience.

Versatility in Design: Parachute offers a variety of designs and colors, allowing for versatile styling to suit different design preferences. This makes it easy to find a bedding selection that will work for our clients differing tastes.

Sustainable Practices: We love that the brand is committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing processes, appealing to clients who prioritize environmentally conscious choices.

Our clients love it and so do we! I personally am very particular about my pillow and swear by their Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow (can't sleep without it)!

Casual Coastal Parachute Bedding.
Photography: Yuki Batterson

What Else Do We Love About Parachute?

Not only do they make beautiful bedding but they also have an amazing selection of furnishings and decor. These are a few of our favorite pieces:

Horizon Bed Frame: We love the arched headboard and the fully upholstered frame with the subtle peek of the wood base.

Leather Sling Chair: This chair has great lines and would compliment almost any style of sofa. It also happens to be on sale!

Studio Ceramic Lamp: Beautiful simplicity in all white with a ceramic base topped with a fun pleated paper shade.

Hand-Knotted Lattice Rug: A durable mix of jute & wool with a vintage-inspired pattern make for a great addition to your floor.

Shearling Wool Clogs: Not furniture or decor but another personal tried and true favorite. Upon arriving at home after a long day I trade my shoes for these slippers, in true Mr. Rogers fashion!

Relaxed linen bedding from Parachute in this Cali Cool Coastal Cottage.
Photography: Ellen Vanessa Photography

An Exclusive Discount For Our Readers!

Parachute is having an amazing Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale that starts today 11/20 and goes through 11/27! Everything is 20% off. Furniture, Bedding, even sale items!

Follow our link: Parachute Home to find your next beautiful bedding set or fabulous piece of furniture!

Exclusions for the sale: Gift Cards, 3rd party Marketplace items and shipping fees.

Bundle discount will be increased from 15% to 20% off, so no additional discount for bundling during the sale period.

Happy Shopping!

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